February 2022 : Rajab 1443

Whilst it is relatively easy to start a business, it is much more difficult to build it for success.  One has to avoid the traps, pitfalls and frustrations to reap the rewards. Some slip, stumble and fail however many recognise the setbacks as stepping stones to success.

SANHA holds home industry operators in high regard and applauds their entrepreneurial endeavours to uplift themselves by providing wholesome Halaal products to the community. They pursue their vocation with great passion and belief; have sound knowledge of their customer needs and conviction in Allah Ta’ala’s allocation for sustenance. We reproduce our list of home industry enterprises certified by SANHA with their respective contact numbers (click here to view).

Find below an edited summary of 10 Stumbling Blocks that stunt business growth which serve as lessons for emerging and current Homepreneurs.

  1. Fear and Confusion. There is either a sense of being overwhelmed by the size of the tasks or a refusal to master the work of being an entrepreneur and business owner.
  2. Lack of Capital. Capital comes in three forms: Time, Money and Energy. Some people have one or two but rarely all three, thus they fail because they simply cannot sustain the growth phase of their business.
  3. Lack of Courage or Commitment. Building a business is always risky. Some people perceive the risk as frightening, others see it as an exciting challenge, but there is always risk. Manage it, understand the risks and enjoy the process. You will make mistakes but learn from them.
  4. Refusal to select and target an audience. No one can sell their services to “everyone” – a message that goes to everyone is unlikely to create a sense of urgency in anyone in particular.
  5. Choosing the wrong audience. A market that cannot or will not pay, or an audience that is too small or dispersed, is a recipe for disaster. The same problem exists when trying to reach an audience that is dispersed over a large geographic area and not easily identified.
  6. Fuzzy or unfocused message. What differentiates your business from the competition? What exact benefits do you provide? To whom? Under what circumstances and at what cost? How can people contact you? Be precise, be clear, be specific.
  7. Lack of planning – too many random efforts. Many entrepreneurs try a little radio, direct mailing, join a service organization, offer free samples and then report that they have “tried everything and nothing worked”. Pick one, and stay the course!
  8. Too much advertising, too little relationship building. Advertising works best for tangible products because customers can see the results. Intangible services are very difficult to advertise and are almost always purchased based on the quality of the relationship.
  9. Laziness and/or Greed. Your business ONLY exists to serve the customer! You must make a profit in order to continue serving the customer, but service is the key to success. Everything must be focused on that.
  10. Eliminate faulty products or services. Do not hang on to that which fails to produce adequate benefits or fails to serve as promised. Do your best – every time!

SANHA currently certifies over 80 home industry outlets in the country. We are cognisant of their honest efforts to uplift themselves and accordingly subsidise their certification costs. A fee is negotiated and determined keeping in mind their unique circumstances and affordability. In some cases, a nominal fee of  R50 per annum is levied (yes! that is correct) and in special circumstances entrepreneurs are even granted a 100% subsidy. In our funding model however, we do not offer free” certification.

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