January 2022 : Jumādal Ukhrā 1443

As strategic partners, we are delighted to announce our involvement in the upcoming Halal International Trade Expo as part of Africa Trade Week 2022.

We extend an invitation to join a virtual briefing to support the motivation for bringing Halal International Trade Expo to Johannesburg, South Africa in June 2022.

This briefing is hosted by DMG events and Pure Grit Project & Exhibition Management and will provide an overview of developments in the Halaal markets across Africa, how that connects with bi-lateral trade opportunities in other global Halal hubs and what we are doing about it.

Download the Halal International Trade Expo to Johannesburg prospectus to learn about how you can be involved.

This presentation will be supported by SANHA and other international partners on why Halal, why Africa and why now with Q&A’s at the end.

If you are interested in outbound, inbound, and intra-regional Halal trade opportunities then this Expo is for you.

Click here to register for the briefing.

Why you should not miss this opportunity

Halaal has become a truly global phenomenon worth trillions of dollars with impact beyond the food sector. Demand has also mushroomed in areas such as logistics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, fashion / clothing, tourism, banking and investments. It is driven by a religious imperative where Halaal consumption and lawful trade is a mandatory article of faith of 1,8 Billion Muslims who account for 24 percent of the 7,8 Billion inhabitants of the planet.

Halaal has evolved from being a purely religious matter to one of trade, consumer rights and cross-border transactions. The aspiration of the Halaal consumer is no different from others in that they are looking for foods with nutrition, new taste experiences and most importantly food safety issues amongst which a trusted Halaal mark is a prime requisite.

South Africa is an island of profit surrounded by a sea of export opportunity. With the current exchange rate of the rand there has never been a more opportune time for your export drive. International companies can buy South African products at 33% cheaper than they did a year ago and from companies proficient in English, producing exceptionally high quality products and serviced by banks, which are acceptable worldwide.

SANHA has endeavoured to build bridges between the various stakeholders in the supply chain. To this end it arranges and participates in seminars, workshops and trade exhibitions and hence its support for the International Trade Expo.

The Noble Quran itself has recorded the words of the Almighty Allah as stated: "Let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual goodwill..." (Chapter 4 verse 29)


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