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Slo Jo Trading (Pty) Ltd

Category: Beverages

Address: 106 Richards Drive, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

Tel: 011 608 0607
Specific Products are Certified Halaal by SANHA
List of Halaal Certified Products of :: Slo - Jo Trading (Pty) Ltd

NB: Kindly note that this Certificate is specific to the products listed hereafter and excludes any other products distributed by Slo-Jo.


1 Slo –Jo Blueberry Cheesecake

2 Slo-Jo Butter Caramel Popcorn


3 Slo- Jo Caramel Powder

4 Slo- Jo Dark Chocolate Chip Powder

5 Slo -Jo Green Matcha Tea Powder

6 Slo-Jo No Sugar Added Chocolate Decadence Powder

7 Slo-Jo No Sugar Added Coffee Freezo Powder

8 Slo-Jo Bar One Powder 1kg SLO061
9 Slo-Jo Chai Powder

10 Slo-Jo Chocolate Decadence Powder

11 Slo-Jo Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Powder (S’mores) 1kg SLO059
12 Slo-Jo Cino Powder

13 Slo-Jo Coco Mocha Nut Powder 1kg SLO006
14 Slo-Jo Coffee Freezo Powder

15 Slo-Jo Hot Chocolate Pod Powder

16 Slo-Jo Mocha Powder

17 Slo-Jo Spiced Chai Powder

18 Slo-Jo White Symphony Powder


19 Slo-Jo Granadilla T Wave

20 Slo-Jo Mango T Wave

21 Slo-Jo Peach Apricot Teazer

22 Slo-Jo Pineapple T Wave

23 Slo-Jo Strawberry T Wave

24 Slo-Jo Strawberry/Banana T Wave


25 Slo Jo Banana Flavoured Milkshake Concentrate

26 Slo-Jo Blueberry Flavoured Milkshake Concentrate 1l

27 Slo-Jo Bubblegum Milkshake Concentrate

28 Slo-Jo Chocolate Milkshake Concentrate

29 Slo-Jo Clean Lemonade Concentrate

30 Slo-Jo Coconut Concentrate

31 Slo-Jo Gingerbeer Concentrate 1l LIQ101 6009828370467
32 Slo-Jo Green Apple Coulis 6 x 1l

33 Slo-Jo Lemon Ice Tea Concentrate

34 Slo-Jo Lemon Milkshake Concentrate

35 Slo-Jo Lime Milkshake Concentrate

36 Slo-Jo Liquid Lemonade

37 Slo-Jo Mixed Berry Coulis 6 x 1l

38 Slo-Jo Mixed Berry Tea Concentrate

39 Slo-Jo Passion Fruit Coulis 6 x 1l

40 Slo-Jo Peach Ice Tea Concentrate

41 Slo-Jo Peanut Butter Cup Flavoured Concentrate

42 Slo-Jo Raspberry Flavoured Concentrate 1l LIQ717 6009880480760
43 Slo-Jo Raspberry Topping 6 x 1l

44 Slo-Jo Root Beer Flavoured Concentrate 1l

45 Slo-Jo Strawberry Coulis 1l

46 Slo-Jo Strawberry Milkshake Concentrate

47 Slo-Jo Strawberry Topping 6 x 1l

48 Slo-Jo Tropical Green Tea 1l


49 Slo -Jo Sugar Free Lemon Ice Tea (RTD)

50 Slo -Jo Sugar Free Peach Ice Tea (RTD)

51 Slo-Jo Berry Ice Tea Concentrate 1l

52 Slo-Jo Lemon Ice Tea

53 Slo-Jo Lemon Ice Tea Concentrate 1 l

54 Slo-Jo Lemon Ice Tea Pour 'n Drink (RTD) 2 l

55 Slo-Jo Peach Ice Tea

56 Slo-Jo Peach Ice Tea Concentrate 1 l

57 Slo-Jo Peach Ice Tea Pour 'n Drink (RTD) 2 l

58 Slo-Jo Sugar Free Berry Ice Tea Concentrate


59 Slo-Jo Banana Milkshake

60 Slo-Jo Blueberry Milkshake Mix

61 Slo-Jo Cherry Milkshake Mix

62 Slo-Jo Choc Mint Milkshake Mix

63 Slo-Jo Toffee Milkshake Mix

64 Slo-Jo Vanilla Custard Milkshake Mix


65 Slo-Jo Butter Toffee Sauce 500ml, 1l, 2l, 5l

66 Slo-Jo Butterscotch Sauce 1l SASBS 6009658822914
67 Slo-Jo Butterscotch Sauce 6 x 1l SASBS 6009658822911
68 Slo-Jo Chocolate Sauce 1l

69 Slo-Jo Salted Caramel Sauce 1l

70 Slo-Jo White Choc Coconut Sauce 1l

71 Slo-Jo Berrynade Syrup 1l SYR315
72 Slo-Jo Caramel Syrup 1l


73 Slo-Jo Cream Soda Shaker 1l LIQ721
74 Slo Jo Choc Brownie Sauce 1l SACB1*6
75 Slo-Jo Green Apple Syrup 1l

76 Slo-Jo Hazelnut Syrup

77 Slo-Jo Mangonade Syrup 1l SYR317
78 Slo-Jo Passion Fruit Cordial 1l

79 Slo-Jo Passionade Syrup 1l SYR316
80 Slo-Jo Premium Flavoured Syrup Iced Coffee 1l

81 Slo-Jo Premium Pineapple Coconut Syrup (Pina Colada) 1l

82 Slo-Jo Premium Pure Cane Syrup 1l

83 Slo-Jo Premium Triple Orange Syrup (Triple Sec) 1l

84 Slo-Jo Strawberry Syrup

85 Slo-Jo Vanilla Syrup


86 Slo-Jo Fruit & Veg Coulis – Power Greens 1l LIQ 207
87 Slo-Jo Fruit & Veg Coulis – Super Reds 1l LIQ209
88 Slo-Jo Fruit & Veg Coulis – Energising Yellows 1l LIQ 208
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