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Cafe Caps (Pty) Ltd

Category: Beverages - Powders, Coffees & Teas; Capsulated Ground Coffees

Tel: 021 510 5484    

Address: No 3, Printers Way, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape

Certified Halaal by SANHA
List of Products Manufactured by ::  Cafe Caps (Pty) Ltd
1 Caffeluxe African Blend
2 Caffeluxe Brazilian Blend
3 Caffeluxe Colombian Decaffe
4 Caffeluxe Dark Roast Espresso
5 Caffeluxe Dark Roast Lungo
6 Caffeluxe Ethiopian Blend
7 Caffeluxe French Blend
8 Caffeluxe Gourmet Roast
9 Caffeluxe Honeybush Tea
10 Caffeluxe Hot Chocolate
11 Caffeluxe Italian Blend
12 Caffeluxe Kenyan Blend
13 Caffeluxe Medium Roast Espresso
14 Caffeluxe Mild Roast Espresso
15 Caffeluxe Rooibos Tea
16 Caffeluxe Tanzanian Blend
17 Caffeluxe Ugandan Blend
18 Coffee Planet Bliss
19 Coffee Planet Dawn
20 Coffee Planet Elevate
21 Coffee Planet Enigma
22 Coffee Planet Essence
23 Coffee Planet Intense
24 Coffee Planet Revive
25 Coffee Planet Zen
26 Dormans Arabica
27 Dormans Kilimanjaro
28 Dormans Suprema
29 Espresso Love Dark Roast
30 Espresso Love Lungo
31 Espresso Love Medium Roast Espresso
32 Espresso Love Mild Roast Espresso
33 Fine Coffee Club Columbian
34 Fine Coffee Club Dark Roast Espresso
35 Fine Coffee Club Decaffe
36 Fine Coffee Club Fine Coffee Club Bulk
37 Fine Coffee Club Guatemalan
38 Fine Coffee Club Kenyan Blend
39 Fine Coffee Club Lungo Roast
40 Fine Coffee Club Medium Roast Espresso
41 Fine Coffee Club Rwandan
42 Fresh Coffee Lungo
43 Hi-Line Broadway Columbian
44 Hi-Line Brooklyn Cube
45 Hi-Line Central Park Decaffe
46 Hi-Line Chelsea Light Brown
47 Hi-Line Libert Dark Lungo
48 Hi-Line Soho Guatemalan
49 Hi-Line Times Square Dark
50 Hi-Line Wall Street Dark
51 Mugg & Bean Decaffe
52 Mugg & Bean Espesso
53 Mugg & Bean House Blend
54 Mugg & Bean Moca Java
55 Mugg & Bean Single Origin
56 Velibre Allgero
57 Velibre Concerto
58 Velibre Fortis
59 Velibre Lento
60 Velibre Mix
61 Velibre Presto
62 Uber Nomu Coffee Rub Arabica Beans
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If you do not find what you are looking for or if you would like to query further, you may contact our Halaal Helpline on 0861 786 111 or Click here to contact us via e-mail.


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